3 questions to define a Startup's Mobile Strategy

But they need to be answered honestly

Entrepreneurs need to be in love with their products. This passion is usually what drives startups at earlier stages. But love is blind and that can be dangerous while defining mobile strategy.

In an ideal scenario, with unlimited resources, a fine mobile strategy could be to develop Android and iOS apps, chat bots on every social media and a mobile first web site. All at the same time and with awesome user experience to all of your products moments of truth.

In real life you need an actual strategy and that means to choose and to prioritize. That's when you need to put passion aside and to be honest with yourself about your product.

So the obvious path would be to start with apps right? Apps gives you great visibility and looks so nice on home screens! Well we all like to think everybody would install and keep our app, rate it with 5 stars on app stores and tell everyone they know to install it. But that's just no true. I've talked about this before on People need your service but don't want to install your app.

So maybe it could be better to start with a mobile site, a chat bot or even a simple Facebook page or Twitter account. The key thing on mobile is to be available to your consumers when they need you. A well defined mobile strategy can be game changing to startups and in order to do so you need to answer (honestly) these 3 questions:

  1. How relevant is your product (or service) to your consumers?
    If you have consumers your product is obviously relevant. The question here is about being relevant enough to be among the 26 apps your consumers use at least once a month.
  2. Do you have content and time to take advantage of push notifications?
    Few things can drive engagement like push notifications. When well used, with the right content and frequency, push alone can justify building an app. But using it well takes time to understand your consumers behavior patterns, develop content and run tests.
  3. How fast and smoothly can you solve your consumers problem?
    Nobody on their right mind builds giant forms anymore but a considerable amount of info or choices are needed to solve some problems. Think about the user experience on consumers moment of need. Would a quick chat do it? Is it info or choices people are used to provide/do on daily bases? How hard will it be to walk them through it?

By putting passion aside and answering these questions you can set your priorities and define your startup's mobile strategy.

Apps looks great on home screens, chat bots are the hottest thing right now and mobile sites can be built so fast… But keep in mind the key to mobile is being available when, where and how you consumers need your product.